All The ‘‘Whys’ And ‘Hows’ Of Upholstery Cleaning Answered

September 22, 2022


While professional carpet cleaning receives a fair bit of attention, upholstery cleaning and maintenance remains a relatively underrated task. Like your carpet, your upholstered furniture also endures a lot in the shape of beverage spills, airborne dust, food stains, and a good amount of harsh treatment from the family and pets. Besides being sore to the eye, these stains and treatments also result in accelerated wear and tear.

In contrast to popular belief, dissolving some vinegar in lukewarm water and vigorously rubbing the surface to remove the stains and odours does not suffice the need. Although the stains may disappear temporarily with the use of this technique, the intrinsic wicking or capillary action in the fabric will cause a faint mark of the stain to re-emerge. Similarly, the dust that sets on the surface while it is wet will also deteriorate its colour and make it seem old and dull.

If you have always wanted to know why your upholstered furniture loses its charm over time, then the above is your answer. And if you want to restore your furniture’s original lavishness and beauty, let the most professional carpet cleaning company in Edmonton handle your upholstery cleaning endeavors.

Upholstery cleaning is typically less recognized since it is an undervalued task. This causes a lot of uncertainty and queries among those looking to use such services. Unfortunately, these inquiries overwhelm, discourage, and eventually prevent individuals from fully appreciating upholstery cleaning services and their advantages.

In order to help you reap the full benefits of upholstery cleaning, we shall use this blog post to answer the most common questions regarding upholstery cleaning.

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What Is Upholstery Cleaning?

For you to understand this task, you must first understand the meaning of upholstering. In simple terms, upholstering involves covering furniture with soft, padded fabrics or leather to enhance the furniture’s appearance and overall comfort. Thus, upholstery cleaning is the act of cleaning the upholstered part of the furniture.

Although the explanation sounds quite straightforward, the actual task is equally challenging and requires attention to detail and consideration of many factors such as cleaning product-fabric compatibility.

Are Professional Upholstery Cleaning Services Important?

As hinted earlier, upholstery is made from highly sensitive and delicate materials. Thus, a little bit of rough handling often degrades the material and causes it to lose its extravagance. Sometimes, the wrong solution to a problem often aggravates it to an irreparable extent. The same applies to upholstery.

Given the delicate nature of the material used, any wrong move in an attempt to eliminate stains, grime, or odours may prove detrimental. Hence, a professional upholstery and carpet cleaner will understand and fully acknowledge the risk involved and prepare the most suitable response accordingly.

Can I Clean My Upholstered Furniture Using DIY Techniques?

Although the preceding discussion would suffice as an answer to this question as well, we believe that a few misconceptions regarding DIY require a stand-alone clarification. While the videos and blogs found on the internet promise 100% results, this is not usually the case. Therefore, you must never blindly follow the tricks and tips in such videos, especially when an expensive item like furniture is at stake.

You can test the technique on less valuable items several times first and then take the risk (although we don’t recommend it).

Are Upholstery Cleaning Services Affordable?

Compared to the cumulative cost of frequent repairs and early furniture replacements, upholstery cleaning costs are quite reasonable and worth the while. Fortunately, professional upholstery and carpet cleaners like Maple Leaf can provide you with an initial estimate after an evaluation of the scale of the cleaning project.

How Often Should Upholstered Furniture be Cleaned?

Although you can request upholstery cleaning services as and when you feel there is a need to do so, most furniture manufacturers recommend at least an annual cleaning.

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However, if your furniture necessitates cleaning earlier, do not postpone it.

How Long Does The Furniture Take To Dry?

Similar to the provision of a cost estimate, a reputed carpet cleaning company will also provide an estimated timeline of their tasks and drying procedures. After a thorough assessment of your cleaning needs, the company’s representative will surely provide you with an estimated time it will take for your upholstery to dry.

Where Can I Find The Best Upholstery Cleaning Services

Every upholstery and carpet cleaning company is different. Thus, you can’t expect the first cleaning company that comes your way to be the best. In order to ensure ideal cleaning results, read through a prospective cleaner’s reviews (usually available on their websites) before requesting their services.

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