5 Ways to Keep Mold Away From Your Carpet

February 16, 2023

5 Ways to Keep Mold Away From Your Carpet

Do you currently have any allergy-like symptoms, or asthma attacks that seem to be occurring more frequently than usual? Your carpet’s mold may be to blame.

Mold in your carpets may only sometimes be apparent; it may develop inside the carpet pad, which can be challenging to find. It can occasionally even develop inside the threads.

In either case, it’s imperative to eradicate and kill the mold. Even if you may already feel lost, we can still assist thanks to our comprehensive guide on how to remove mold from carpets.

Professional carpet cleaners recommend some ways you can keep mold from infecting your carpet. If you have fallen victim to a moldy carpet, acquire the help of residential carpet cleaners.

Mold: How Does It Grow On A Carpet?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), as long as moisture and oxygen are available, molds can grow on wood, paper, food, and insulation. Open doors, windows, vents, and HVAC systems can allow mold spores to enter your house. Mold growth starts when the mold spores come into contact with areas with extra moisture.

Sadly, carpets retain moisture, which encourages the formation of mold. Mold development is supported by (or even inspired by) excess water if the carpeting becomes damp enough to saturate the padding.

The 5 Best Practices For Preventing Mold On Carpets

Nobody wants mold to be present in their residence. Nevertheless, despite a homeowners’ best efforts, mold may still find its way to enter their home and possessions. This is why the best course of action is to call accredited carpet cleaners for residential carpet cleaning.

Regulate The Humidity Levels Inside Your Home

Mold can develop in an environment with high humidity and heat rather than just standing water. People who reside in a humid area should install a dehumidifier appropriate for the size of their space.

The ideal humidity level for preserving a mold-free carpet is often 65 percent or lower.

You can reduce humidity in a closed space by using a portable dehumidifier or creating airflow by leaving windows and doors open as needed. In case of high external moisture, keep the windows closed.

Additionally, the following issues that can cause the basement to become more humid must be looked into:

  • To stop groundwater and runoff from returning toward the house, the ground should slope away from it.
  • Gutters and downspouts must deliver rainwater, typically 4 feet or more away from the house.
  • Cleaning your gutters regularly will help to stop overflow.
  • Garden ponds or other water-collecting yard features should be placed far from the house.

Remove Your Carpets From High Humidity Areas In Your Home

Another essential suggestion for preventing mold in your carpets is to keep your rugs in a place where it is less humid. The bathroom and basement are more susceptible to humidity or water leaks. Storm flooding, river or ocean overflows, washing machine malfunctions, and other flooding-related events are more likely to happen in these places.

Residential carpet cleaners recommend having your carpets adequately cleaned by professionals so that any bacteria that can yield mold can be eradicated.

Antibacterial Carpet Padding

Rubber-slab carpet padding is preferred when getting a new carpet put in a house as it resists mildew and bacteria growth. Even though it is more expensive than standard padding, it prevents mildew growth, especially in homes with naturally high humidity levels.

Quickly Dry The Carpet And Backing If It Gets Wet

Use a wet or water-extraction vacuum to remove the water. Only use wet vacuums while the material is still wet to avoid spreading mold spores. Remove the padding and carpet off the floor and let them air dry or fan dry. Both will need to be removed, dried, and then reinstalled.

Under the carpet and pad, remove the water from the concrete or cinder block surfaces with a water-extraction vacuum.

Ensure Proper Ventilation

Make sure the location where the mold is growing has adequate ventilation. The space should still be well-ventilated even though isolation is required to stop the spread of mold.

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