Is Vacuuming A Good Substitute For Professional Carpet Cleaning?

July 7, 2022


Given the cold Edmonton climate, a home or an office without a carpet is unthinkable unless you want your feet to freeze. Well, the importance of a carpet is a good topic for another day. At this moment, the question is, how do you maintain your rug and keep it clean? While sweeping is a good daily practice, it is rarely effective in getting rid of dust stuck between the carpets’ fibers. Undeniably, cleaning a carpet is way more thorough and challenging than cleaning an average concrete or wood floor.

After a good sweep, you do not have the liberty to mop the carpet, as is the case with a floor. Obviously, the first solution that comes to your mind is vacuuming. To be honest, you are not entirely wrong here. Carpet manufacturers often recommend that homeowners vacuum their carpets to avoid the accumulation and settling of dirt and filth. However, deeming vacuuming as a substitute for professional carpet cleaning services is not the right thing either.

FUN FACT – Did you know that most carpet manufacturers will void your warranty if you rely solely on vacuuming as a carpet cleaning method?

As Edmonton’s most professional carpet cleaners, we want you to know that vacuuming is not recognized as an alternative to professional carpet cleaning. Of course, it is highly effective against dirt and debris, but that is all it does.

For the purpose of this blog post, we shall help you understand why vacuuming is not an alternative solution to professional carpet cleaning.

It Only Pulls Dirt From The Surface

While vacuuming is an excellent way to get rid of dust and dirt, it is not very effective on its own. Dirt particles, dead skin cells, debris, and other contaminants do not come in a standard size that can easily be sucked up by a vacuum cleaner. Regardless of how robust your vacuum cleaner’s suctioning strength is, it will not be able to pull out the particles hidden deep in the roots of the fibers or beneath the material.

Over time, these contaminants will accumulate and cause your carpet to lose its charm and ultimately deteriorate its lifespan. Contrarily, deep residential carpet cleaning services make use of specialized detergents, warm water, and unique washing equipment to ensure that the cleaning process removes every last bit of dirt hidden anywhere in the carpet.

For this reason, you must request carpet cleaning services from time to time.

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Diminishes The Air Quality

Accumulated dirt does not stay stagnant. Dirt particles hidden deep in the carpet are carried by the circulating air and begin to float in the environment. This gives rise to numerous allergies, and your home is left with poor air quality. The problem with vacuuming is that the suctioning pressure pulls up the dirt, but not all of it is taken in by the vacuum cleaner. The remaining dirt begins to float in the air, diminishing the air quality even further.

Does Not Remove Stains And Odours

Let us assume that your vacuum cleaner is strong enough to pull out every big and small dirt particle. But what about the stains and odours? Accidents and spillages are not a new thing for houses with active pets and kids. Every now and then, you will find spilt spaghetti, dropped milkshakes, and even pet waste.

Even if you manage to get rid of these things, a vacuum cleaner won’t be of much help in terms of fixing the discolouration and foul smell.

Bacteria And Mites Remain And Accumulate

Likewise, a vacuum cleaner can not eliminate disease-causing bacteria and allergens like mites. The problem with these microbes is that you can’t see them with your naked eye and suction pressure is not helpful against them. These organisms need special treatment in the form of antibacterial detergents, disinfectants, and antiseptics.

Only a professional carpet cleaning company can help you get rid of these hidden microbes.

Does Not Restore The ‘Like New’ Charm

Last but not least, vacuuming can not restore the new-like charm for the various above-mentioned reasons. Since it is inefficient in getting rid of hidden dirt and stains, your carpet loses its visual appeal and texture over time. It will become rough, pale, and even sticky if it is not cleaned appropriately.

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