Why Are There Unexplained Stains On My Carpet?

January 5, 2023


Carpets play an important role in enhancing the overall look of any interior. Moreover, everyone feels fresh and cozy in a place with clean carpets. Nevertheless, it is difficult to keep them in pristine condition as this requires thorough cleaning using quality products to preserve their colour, fabric, and texture since they play a big role.

However, the added charm needs proper maintenance to last longer. Carpet cleaning can be challenging, especially if it has a lot of stains. These stubborn stains not only attract attention but are also often difficult to eliminate.

It is normal to freak out when you see an unexplained stain on the carpet. When something like soda, blood drops, juice, or a kid’s mess falls on the carpet, we all know it is going to take a lot of work to get rid of what’s left behind.

Relievingly, professional carpet cleaning services can help share your cleaning stress by providing you with quality cleaning services. But for this, you will need to know the cause of the stain. The following blog explains the reasons for some unexplainable stains on your carpet.

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Some Of The Possible Sources Of Unexplained Stains On Your Carpets

Some staining agents that can make a stain reappear include;

Vomit Stains

Vomit is acidic and can cause colour fading and stains on the carpet. If the carpet is not cleaned immediately, the area can completely become colourless.

Furniture Cleaner

Furniture cleaner is a strong cleaning agent and has a complicated composition. The spilling of this material on the carpet can cause blue stains on it.

House Plants

If you are a nature lover you are bound to have cute little and maybe medium-tall home plants. Placing them in the corners of your lunch or guest room will surely enhance its aesthetic. However, if you are watering them in a spot where there is a carpet underneath it, the water can seep under and level a reddish brown stain on your carpet.


The chlorine used to dilute a pool can cause green or yellow spots on your carpet. Therefore, it is better to avoid walking directly on the carpet after coming out of a pool.

Residue From Traditional Cleaning

Cleaning the carpet with a water and soap solution daily can be excessive. Soap residue from excessive cleaning can be a hidden cause of unexplained stains on your carpet. If the soap solution is not thoroughly cleaned, it can make the stains reappear after some time.


If any liquid is spilled, it can reach the inner layer of the carpet and the backing. You might clean the upper surface while the spilled item is still there underneath, this will make the stain reappear after some time. This is known as wicking.

How To Prevent Unexplained Stains From Ruining Carpet

Many homeowners have no clue about how to protect their carpets from stains. Some amazing ways you can easily maintain your carpets in the future are mentioned below.

  • Try using a carpet protectant
  • Try to keep your carpets as clean as you can
  • Maintain a routine to keep your carpets clean and work on their maintenance
  • Use doormats to help keep your carpets clean
  • Act very fast with spills and clean them as soon as you can
  • Blot away

Drastic Measures

If the problems with your carpets recur, then it is time for you to take some drastic measures. You will have to pull back your carpet to let the subfloor or pad dry out. It is not a big problem if the spill is near a wall as you can easily pull up your carpet. But most spills occur in the middle of the room, which can make it difficult to dry the subfloor or pad.

Once you are assured that the subfloor is completely dried out, you can easily reinstall your carpet. If you pull out a large portion of the carpet, you can call professionals in residential carpet cleaning to ensure it gets perfectly cleaned and reinstalled.

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