Tips For Keeping Your Upholstery, Rugs And Carpets Clean

October 28, 2022


Imagine this, you have guests over, and their little one spills cranberry juice on your brand-new carpet. As devastating as this sounds, it is a very plausible situation and can ruin the entire look of your house.

Area rugs, carpets and upholstery bring warmth and friendliness to a room. However, as they are frequently used in high-traffic locations, they may accumulate dust, dirt, and filth. Rug, upholstery, and carpet care are influenced by the material, manufacture, and size of the rug, carpet or upholstery.

So, if you ever fall victim to the scenario mentioned above, hire a certified carpet cleaning company to assist you with making your carpet look brand new.

This blog will discuss tips for keeping your rugs, carpets and upholstery clean.

Make Use Of Ice

Kids are a delight, but what isn’t a delight is to teach them a certain behaviour and make them act upon it. When children play with sticky stuff like slime and wax or happen to drop gum, they stick to the fibres of the carpet and become almost impossible to remove.

Here is an expert tip that we are going to grace you with (thank us later), use an ice cube. With a block of ice, rub it on the affected area. The ice contracts the gum or slime and removes it as soon as it hardens.

Wash And Sun-Dry Every Six Months

Expert carpet cleaners always advise that in between professional carpet cleaning sessions, wash and sun-dry your carpet every six months. This will help remove all the bacteria and dirt accumulated on the carpet over time.

If you have kids or pets, cleaning your carpets is mandatory. Since cleaning the carpet by yourself never reaps the expected results, it is highly recommended that you call on professionals to take care of it for you.

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Colourfastness Test

Are you using store-bought cleaners or chemicals? Wait, do not use them just yet. Some chemicals or store-bought cleaners have been known to discolour fabrics. This could be a hazard to your rugs or upholstery. It is best to test to ensure the chemical is safe for your carpet.

You can check if the chemical discolours your material by dabbing the chemical on the corner of your rug using a cloth.

If not, it is safe to use, according to the instructions on the back of the cleaner.

Invest In An Efficient Vacuum Cleaner

If you appreciate carpeted floors and clean upholstery, you must purchase the proper vacuum. A hand vacuum can help you get into sofas very easily.

If you cannot carry heavy furniture to the cleaner, use a different nozzle attachment to reach these difficult-to-reach locations. You must be aware of everything your vacuum can do, so read the catalog twice.

Look For Upholstery Tags

Upholstery often comes with labels which have all the information about cleaning them if need be.

It should come as no surprise that each type of upholstery fabric requires a distinct form of care. Every upholstered piece of furniture includes a care label.

Following the instructions on these labels will prevent you from damaging your upholstery by using an ineffective cleaning product.

It is always a good idea to start by testing your cleaning product on a test patch on an unnoticeable portion of the furniture. Using the product on a test patch will determine if it will stain your furniture.

Typically, care labels are sewn into a seam, fastened to the bottom of the furniture, or placed beneath a cushion. Before you begin cleaning, search for the care tags on your upholstered furniture.

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