Techniques For Professional Carpet Cleaning: Everything You Need To Know

January 26, 2023


Carpet is a common type of flooring that can significantly impact a home’s appearance and air quality. It is essential to understand that proper maintenance procedures are crucial to keep your carpeted floors looking like new.

The regular cleaning and maintenance of your carpet can help to prolong its lifespan and prevent the buildup of dirt, dust, and allergens. Professional carpet cleaning companies provide deep cleaning services that are impossible to achieve with regular vacuuming.

Maple Leaf Carpet Cleaning is one company that offers carpet, rug, and cleaning services for commercial and residential properties. They use various methods, like hot water extraction and dry cleaning.

Regularly cleaning and maintaining your carpet not only improves the appearance of your home but also improves the air quality and can benefit your health. It is recommended to get your carpet cleaned at least once a year, depending on the traffic and usage. This blog will walk you through all the crucial information about expert carpet cleaning techniques that you need to know.

Signs That Your Carpets Need Professional Cleaning:

Concerns about the recommended interval for having professional carpet cleaning services done is common. Even though most experts recommend yearly cleaning, evaluating your carpets health is best. Call a carpet cleaning business if you notice any one or more of the following signs:

Stubborn Stains

Dealing with carpet stains can be a difficult task for homeowners. Some stains are easy to remove, but others can be difficult to remove. It is crucial to address stains as soon as they happen to prevent them from setting in and becoming harder to remove.

Some common types of stubborn stains include red wine, coffee, pet urine, and oil-based stains. These types of stains can be difficult to remove with regular cleaning methods and may require the use of specialized cleaning solutions and equipment.

Unpleasant Odours

Unpleasant odours in a home can come from various sources, but dirty carpets are a common culprit, especially if mold or mildew is present. Pet odours can also contribute to unpleasant smells. If the source of the odour is not easily identified, it may be worth having a professional carpet cleaner assess the situation. They have specialized equipment and cleaning solutions that can effectively remove odours and leave carpets smelling fresh and clean.

Fungal Growth

Call and make an appointment with a professional carpet cleaner as soon as you see any small patches of mold growth. They may adequately inspect your carpet and determine whether cleaning can resolve the problem. Most of the time, mold-covered carpets need to be replaced. Thorough cleaning services may be able to recover your carpet if the mold growth is still in its early stages.

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Common Carpet Cleaning Techniques Available To Professionals

Before employing any cleaning process, all professional cleaners will first vacuum the carpets.

Hot Extraction Method

The hot extraction method, also known as steam cleaning, is a professional carpet cleaning method that uses hot water under high pressure to penetrate the carpet fibers and dissolve dirt and bacteria. The hot water and dirt are then vacuumed using a powerful extraction machine.

The cleaning process begins by applying a cleaning solution to the carpet. A brush is then used to agitate the cleaning solution and break up dirt and stains. Once the cleaning solution has had time to work, the hot water extraction process removes the dirt and cleaning solution from the carpet.

This method is effective in removing dirt, stains, and bacteria and can also help improve the carpet’s overall appearance.

It can take an hour or more to clean an average-sized home, and carpets can take up to twice as long to dry. For commercial buildings, it’s common to schedule cleaning for later in the day to allow the carpets to dry overnight.

Dry Compound Method

The dry compound method, also known as dry carpet cleaning, is a type of professional carpet cleaning method that uses an absorbent cleaning agent that bonds to dirt and other elements in the carpet.

The process begins by spreading a dry cleaning compound over the carpet using a mechanical brush. This helps to loosen any dirt and stains and distribute the cleaning agent. The mixture is then given time to work, typically around 15 minutes, to remove the dirt and stains from the carpets fibers. After that, a professional vacuum cleaner with strong suction power removes the dry compound and dirt from the carpet.

This method is considered a dry cleaning method as it doesn’t use water, and the carpets fibers do not get wet. This method is suitable for people who want a deep cleaning but want to avoid having to wait for a damp carpet to dry. It is also ideal for commercial buildings where time is limited, and it is not possible to wait for the carpet to dry. It is usually more expensive than other cleaning methods, and the cleaning agent must be vacuumed and disposed of correctly.

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