Common Steam Carpet Cleaning Myths Busted

April 19, 2023


Carpets are aesthetically pleasing, but spills and stains can easily damage them. Here at Maple Leaf Carpet Cleaning, we’ve got another quick read to debunk some urban legends about steam carpet cleaning. Steam cleaning is a popular method for cleaning carpets, but there are many misconceptions and myths surrounding this technique.

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These myths can cause confusion and lead to ineffective cleaning or even damage to your carpets.

This 5-minute read will debunk some of the most common steam carpet cleaning myths, allowing you to make an informed decision about how to clean and maintain your carpets.

Whether you’ve heard that steam cleaning can ruin your carpets or that it’s only good for synthetic fibers, we’ve got the facts and information you need to clean and maintain your carpets properly.

You can ensure that your carpets are clean, healthy, and look their best for many years to come by debunking these common myths about carpet care.

Myth: Steam Cleaning Will Shrink My Carpets

Busted: Steam cleaning involves hot water extraction, which does not involve the use of steam.

The high temperature of the water used in the cleaning process can cause some shrinkage if the carpet is left too wet, but this can be easily prevented by ensuring that the carpet is not overly saturated and is thoroughly dried after cleaning.

Myth: I Can Steam Clean My Own Carpets With A Rental Machine

Busted: Although you could clean your own carpets by renting a steam cleaner and using it, this is not something that is recommended. The machines that are available for rent are frequently of poor quality and, if they are not used appropriately, can cause damage to your carpets.

Professional carpet cleaners have access to high-quality cleaning supplies and tools, and they also have the knowledge and experience to use them well.

They are also able to provide additional services, such as the removal of stains and the protection of your carpets, which may be things that you are unable to do on your own.

Myth: Steam Cleaning Can Damage Carpets

Busted: Steam carpet cleaning is a safe and effective method to clean carpets, provided that it’s done correctly.

Professional carpet cleaners make use of high-quality equipment that maintains precise control over the water’s temperature and pressure in order to avoid causing any damage to the carpet’s individual fibers.

Myth: Steam Cleaning Leaves Carpets Wet For Days

Busted: While hot water extraction does use water, the amount is carefully controlled to ensure that carpets dry quickly.

In fact, carpets can be guaranteed to be dry in a matter of a few hours after being cleaned if modern equipment and methods are used.

Myth: Steam Cleaning Leaves Behind Soap Residue

Busted: It is a common misconception that professional carpet cleaners use cleaning products that can be easily removed through steam cleaning.

If everything is carried out correctly, there shouldn’t be any evidence of the process left over.

Myth: Only Surface Dirt Can Be Removed With Steam Cleaning

Busted: Steam cleaning is a deep cleaning method that can effectively remove dirt, dust, allergens and other contaminants that have accumulated deep within the carpet’s fibers.

This makes it a very effective way to improve your home’s air quality and make your carpets last longer.

Myth: It Is Only Suitable For Synthetic Carpets

Busted: Carpets made of different materials, including natural fibers like wool and silk, respond well to steam cleaning.

However, there may be a need to adjust the water’s temperature and pressure to prevent the delicate fibers from being damaged.

In a nutshell, steam cleaning is a method of carpet cleaning that is not only risk-free but also highly efficient and flexible. By busting these common myths, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about whether or not this method is right for your carpets.

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