Maple Leaf Carpet Cleaning Your Go-To Place For Carpet Cleaning Services

May 20, 2022

Maple Leaf Carpet Cleaning Your Go-To Place For Carpet Cleaning Services

Your flooring and carpets are the deciding points of the overall look and hygiene of your place. A clean carpet is not only visually pleasing and satisfying but also beneficial for the environment you live or work in. Trapped dirt and dust in your carpets can quickly induce and trigger allergies. To avoid the ruckus of a dirty living and working space and health issues, getting your flooring mats cleaned is the way to go. You might find it a really lovely weekend activity to take your carpet to the yard and wash it using a hard bristle brush, soap, and water. Then you will have to probably leave it to dry for a day or two. However, although this may seem like a fun and easy family task, after some time you will see its deteriorating impacts on your carpet. The carpet will start losing texture, shine, and overall appearance. This may be due to poor brush action or soap residuals left in the fiber. Hence, you will not be able to clean it properly nor will you be able to maintain the look of your carpet.

Therefore, to save yourself from all this commotion, it is better to hire a professional carpet cleaning service for this purpose. Maple Leaf Carpet cleaning is Edmonton’s most trusted carpet cleaning service provider with tons of hands on experience. An extensive base of satisfied customers is our business’s most valuable asset. Learn more about us and our services in the following blog.

We Are Professional Carpet Cleaning Service Providers

If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy carpet cleaning professional that can understand the specific requirements of your carpets, then maple leaf’s services are surely what you are looking for. Whether it is a residential carpet or a commercial carpet, the cleaning process has to be completed such that your daily routine is not affected.

For example, if you run a retail clothing store with a carpeted floor, it will be best to get it cleaned in the late evening. By doing so, you will get your carpet cleaned without disrupting your business hours and opening your store without the carpet on the floor because it is still drying. Similarly, many people opt to get their residential carpets cleaned by contractors while they are still at work and come home to a nicely placed pristine carpet. In short, you will not be monitoring the work either in residential or commercial settings.

Henceforth, you should always entrust a trusted and licensed worker to do the job. They will be cautious in their actions and keep your furniture intact and untouched. Our trained professionals are responsible and know the importance of belongings and deal with them with great care.

Our Services

Maple Leaf offers both residential and commercial carpet cleaning services. We also hold expertise in cleansing upholstery and stain removal.

Residential Carpet Cleaning

You try to keep your domestic carpets clean, dust-free, and generally presentable. Nevertheless, if you are a social butterfly and foot traffic in your home is high, then your vacuum will need assistance. Maple Leaf with its bucket full of experience can be of great help. Furthermore, if you have stains on your carpet there is no need to worry, by turning your home or business into a chemistry lab by mixing soap mixtures to get it off.

Just call us at 780-851-3230 and get your residential carpets cleaned in an easy and hassle-free way.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Unkempt carpets, rugs, and mats at a business facility, office, retail store, and other commercial spaces can leave a bad impression on your visitors. Maple leaf understands the assignment and our commercial carpet cleaning services are designed to make your carpets appear the best possible and last longer.

Our commercial carpet cleaning package covers the following places;

  • Condos
  • Hospitals
  • Offices
  • Apartment buildings
  • Schools
  • Libraries
  • Stores

Techniques Used

Maple Leaf uses two of the most efficient carpet cleaning techniques to get the job done to increase its satisfied and happy customer base. These techniques are

  • Hot water extraction
  • Dry compound

One of these or sometimes a mixture of both can serve the need of every commercial space carpet cleaning – i.e quick, hassle-free, and less disruptive cleaning process.

Upholstery Cleaning And Stain Removal

Your upholstery is the first thing people notice when visiting and using your furniture. Stainless and clean upholstery can leave a lasting impression. So, if you are looking for an upholstery and stain removal service in Edmonton, Maple Leaf services is your best choice.

Why Choose Us?

Apart from our exceptional carpet cleaning services we offer our customers several plus points and become their first choice. Some of them are;

  • An experienced team
  • On-time arrival
  • On-time delivery
  • Use of healthy and environmentally friendly chemicals
  • Reliable results
  • Quality machines

Contact Maple Leaf Carpet Cleaning today and get the best carpet cleaning services for your residential and commercial cleaning needs.

About Us

Maple Leaf Carpet Cleaning has provided professional carpet cleaning in Edmonton and the surrounding area for nearly a decade and is one of Alberta's most respected cleaners for residential and commercial carpets, upholstery and area rugs. We provide 5 star carpet treatments.

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