How To Keep Your Carpets Clean With Dogs

August 25, 2022


Dogs are wonderful creatures, but they can be difficult to manage, especially if they get on your carpet and leave stains. Fortunately, there are several quick solutions you can implement to prevent your dog from permanently ruining your carpet in the first place.

Although the proverb “dogs are man’s best friend” holds true, dogs may also be the worst enemy of carpets. Dog stains are among the most difficult to remove of all the stains that might harm your carpet for several different reasons. To begin with, unlike other sorts of stains, dog stains on your carpet sometimes have foul scents requiring you to have to hire professional carpet cleaners to remove the stains and odour.

There is good news, though! Maintaining a clean appearance in your home doesn’t have to require you to give up your carpet or your dog. Check out this blog post for a few essential tips for maintaining your carpets and rugs while having a dog at home.

Buy A Cozy Dog Bed

Limiting your dog’s access to a certain area is the simplest way to keep your home in order and tidy while also enjoying having them inside. Purchase a sizable, cozy dog bed and allocate a permanent location for it. It is advisable to place the bed in the centre of your house, where you spend the majority of your time.

Your dog will be more likely to relax if it can see you, which will happen if it is close to you. So, as soon as you allow your dog inside and have said hello, lead it to its bed and spend some time admiring it there. This can also save you from regular costly carpet replacements. If your carpet has already sustained such stains, take advantage of our premium carpet cleaning services.

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Every Entrance Should Have A Towel Mat

Placing a towel mat at each entry for your dog is a good idea because most mud and dirt come from the outside. Before your pet starts to bring mud into the home, quickly clean off their paws. Most animals first resist, but eventually, they come to understand that they can’t enter the home again unless you clean their paws. This simple routine has a significant impact. Pets with clean paws cannot soil the carpet.

Clean Up Any Pet Urine As Soon As You Can

There’s a good likelihood the dog’s urine stain has been there for a while if you’ve been gone for a few hours. You must clean it as soon as you find it. Waiting too long might result in germs growing in the afflicted region, which produces unpleasant odours. To prevent the pee from penetrating the carpet further, wipe the area with a clean cloth or rag.

Don’t Let Odours Take Hold

It is possible to have nose blindness. You can be so accustomed to the smell that sometimes you can’t even feel it. To keep your home smelling clean and fresh, incorporate these actions into your daily routine:

  • Replace the kitty litter often. To keep the litter smelling better for longer, sprinkle baking soda on top of it.
  • Wash your pets frequently. Dogs, in particular, are keen explorers. So, they can detect unclean smells rapidly.
  • Every few weeks, wash the pet’s bed as well as any soft toys. The cloth will quickly absorb odours, which may give your home a unique dog-like odour.

Vacuum Regularly

This one is apparent, yet it makes the biggest difference. Vacuuming should be done at least once a week in homes without pets. On the contrary, it is strongly advised that you vacuum at least twice a week when you factor in a pet. About 80% of dirt, debris, and spills can be removed using a vacuum.

Along with sweeping the floor, vacuum the upholstery and tile. Pet hair will simply spread throughout your family’s house as they move from one room to the next if these places aren’t kept clean.

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