The Importance Of Professional Carpet Cleaning In Schools

December 8, 2022


Students and teachers spend approximately 7 hours daily, 180 days per year, in school. In an intimate, close-contact environment, that’s a long time.

Germs and bacteria are everywhere, including classrooms, desks, chairs, door handles, toilets, playground equipment, canteens, and especially school carpets. And, to be perfectly honest, children aren’t always the cleanest creatures.

However, hygiene in society is more critical than ever. Parents do not want to send their children to school in an unsanitary environment. And they certainly don’t want to risk their children becoming ill, necessitating time away from work to care for them (and risking the germs spreading to the entire family).

Professional carpet cleaning Companies do more than just make your carpets look clean and bright. It leaves your classroom feeling and smelling clean, making it more inviting to students.

Arriving at a clean and welcoming school sets the tone for the rest of the day for parents, students, and teachers. Clean and tidy classrooms and carpets demonstrate your regard for the school and its students.

Here are the top five advantages of using professional cleaners to keep your school clean.

Improved Learning Experience

Schools that are cleaned to a high standard by professional cleaners outperform schools that are not. Students thrive in a clean environment, focus better in class, and achieve higher grades and graduation rates.

This is why cleaner carpets will mitigate the risks of illness and improve the learning experience.

Involvement Of Parents

Teachers value the assistance of parent volunteers in the classroom. The school committee also has parent representatives and canteen workers, among other things.

When you have a clean school environment, parents are happier and more likely to help out. They know you care about their children’s health and well-being and are eager to repay you.

Expert Cleaning

You don’t need to ask teachers to be responsible for classroom cleanliness when you have professional cleaners on your team. It is not the teachers’ responsibility to keep up with the deep cleaning that school environments require. When you hire a professional cleaning crew, you can be confident that they will thoroughly clean your school to the highest standards.

Requesting reliable commercial carpet cleaning services also means that the products the carpet cleaning company will use will not be safe for the environment but also will not endanger the health of your teachers or students.

In between carpet cleaning, the school cleaning crew can help to keep the carpets maintained and fresh looking.

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Instilling Healthy Habits

Most schools already emphasize healthy eating habits for students, with healthy canteens and zero-waste food packaging policies. Maintaining a clean environment teaches children the value of hygiene and cleanliness for their surroundings.

Encourage students to help by wiping down desks or tables after class, cleaning the whiteboard, putting chairs on tables to make vacuuming carpets easier, picking up large pieces of trash from the carpet, and avoiding spillage.

When your school is closed (due to term holidays or lockdowns), your professional cleaning team can come in and do a thorough cleaning. They can handle all of the extra cleaning jobs that don’t have to be done every week.

A deep clean could include carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and a thorough cleaning of the canteen or staff room.

Less Sick Days

Teachers interact with multiple students in a work environment where germs abound. Teachers are less likely to become ill when schools are kept clean, reducing the need for substitute teachers and disrupting students’ learning schedules.

The same is true for students and absenteeism. Maintaining your students’ health ensures that they do not miss many days of school due to illness, which is especially important during their senior years.

Dust mites and bacteria are so small that they cannot be seen with the naked eye. They are very small bugs that live in dirty carpets over time, especially if carpets are not cleaned regularly. These mites can enter the air and cause allergies and breathing problems if inhaled. Carpet mites can be eliminated by periodically cleaning and maintaining carpets.

Is Sunlight Important For Classroom Carpets?

Have you ever sat in a dim or dingy room and felt exhausted? Imagine being a kid and having to use your brain all day while trying to stay focused! Natural light is essential for mood and productivity, particularly in the classroom.

Carpets need sunlight to stay fresh and pristine looking. Light and bright classrooms will keep students engaged and awake during class (which teachers will appreciate). Most of all, natural light helps eliminate odours from carpets.

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