Why Should You Hire Carpet Cleaning Services In Winter?

November 10, 2022


Regular carpet cleaning is essential to maintain your rugs and carpets in the best possible condition and make them look attractive. However, relying on professional carpet cleaners in Edmonton during the winter months becomes even more critical.

As the temperature drops and the holiday season arrives, a lot of people will likely be visiting your home. It is common for foods and drinks to be spilt on the carpet. Moreover, general dirt and dust will also affect the rug’s quality.

Hence, winter is one of the best times for carpet cleaning to get the following benefits:

Greater Humidity

Canada faces very dry winters in most parts of the country. It is common to face the issue of static electricity when you touch a metal door frame or even the carpet. This can be quite unpleasant. You can use humidifiers to add some moisture to the air.

However, getting your carpets cleaned is also useful in adding moisture to the air for some time. Therefore, you should definitely get your carpets cleaned during the winter to increase the humidity levels in your house.

Easy Scheduling

Many people are not very familiar with the significance of carpet cleaning in the winter. In fact, most people are likely to get their carpets cleaned during the summer, due to which you might face appointment issues with professional carpet cleaners.

However, carpet cleaning during the winter months is much more flexible. You can easily decide the perfect time for professional carpet cleaning and set up a suitable time and date.

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Get Rid Of Bugs

You are likely to see fewer bugs in the colder months. However, this does not mean that they have died. In fact, they are more likely to be lying dormant on your carpet and other furniture.

By choosing to get your carpets and rugs cleaned professionally in the winter, you will be able to get rid of the bugs before they even emerge in the summer. Thorough carpet cleaning is useful to get rid of all types of bugs, insects, and fleas that can hide in your carpets. Cleaning the carpets will remove such bugs and ensure you, your kids, and your pets remain protected. It will help you maintain overall health standards as well.


Professional carpet cleaning does not have to be an expensive procedure. In fact, there is a high chance that professional carpet cleaning services in Edmonton will provide you with a discount or special offer when you discuss your requirements with them.

The chances of availing discounts and offers become even greater during the winter and holiday season, such as Christmas. For instance, Maple Leaf Carpet Cleaning is offering 20% off on any type of carpet or upholstery cleaning.

To Prepare The House For Selling

Commercial and residential real estate properties are sold and bought throughout the year. However, spring is quite busy for the housing market every year. This means a lot more people are putting their houses on the market in the spring.

Therefore, if you are thinking about putting your home up for sale in spring, you should hire professional carpet cleaning services during the winter. It will enhance the overall appearance of your house by making the carpets look clean and attractive.

Comprehensive Cleaning Services

Whether you hire carpet cleaning services in the winter or in the summer, you can rely on the professionals to use the best cleaning products and techniques that will provide the best cleaning results.

Professional carpet cleaning services are not limited to any one particular type of carpet. Instead, it includes all kinds of commercial carpet cleaning services, upholstery cleaning, and stain removal.

Ultimately, these reliable carpet cleaning services in Edmonton are useful for maintaining carpets, upholstery, and different furniture items in optimum condition.

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Maple Leaf Carpet Cleaning is a well-established carpet and upholstery cleaning company in Edmonton. Our team of professional carpet cleaners has over 12 years of experience in providing premium quality carpet cleaning and upholstery services. Therefore, if you are looking for the best carpet cleaning services in the coming winter months, you can contact us today and benefit from our various services and offers.

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