The Top Hardest Carpet Stains To Remove

February 2, 2023


Carpets can be hard to keep clean and pleasant. Ideally, you would never want to spill anything on your carpets. But accidents happen and no matter how vigilant you stay, your carpet will get some stains on it eventually.

Regardless of how careful you and your family members are, the probability of spilling and staining your carpets always remains high. Stains come in a wide range, from ones that can be easily removed by one scrub to difficult and stubborn stains that need expert stain-removal by professionals.

The following blog post enlists the most common type of stubborn stains that often need experienced carpet cleaners with the proper tools and techniques to remove them.

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Red Wine

Not exaggerating, red wine stains is a classic carpet stain that many fear. It is a dark liquid that leaves a notoriously difficult stain to remove behind.

Once you have spilled wine on your carpet or rug, the first step is to remove and clear the liquid as soon as possible and don’t allow it to penetrate the carpet threads. This small step will make the stain a little less daunting for your carpet. Similar to first aid, try cleaning your carpet with a scrub and cleaning solution if you have one. Otherwise, you can use a soap and warm water solution.

You will be able to reduce the impact of the spilled dark liquid. Next, call a professional residential carpet cleaning service to get the stain removed without damaging the thread and colour of your carpet.

Pet Urine

The main culprit, in this case, is your untrained cat or dog. Animal urine also causes one of the most stubborn stains on your carpet. Animal urine is again a liquid and will soak into the underlining and sub-flooring if not cleaned immediately. This will not only leave a stain but also, in this case, a very pungent smell that is extremely difficult to get rid of.

Commence the cleaning process by removing the excess liquid from your carpet using paper towels or rags that can be disposed of. However, animal urine is a bodily liquid and is considered a biowaste, so be careful and wear gloves – your health and safety matter the most.

Next, clean the area with a spot remover or simple soap solution (to avoid colour fading). This will give you a temporary clean carpet, but you should still call and get the carpet cleaned by a professional to avoid any smells and stains in the long run. Liquid stains tend to reappear because of their penetration ability.


Like any other bodily liquid, vomit also tends to leave notorious stains and smells on your carpet. Vomit is acidic and can fade your carpet instantly. Therefore, cleaning it is time-bound and requires the quickest removal possible.

Start with scrapping the solid part of the vomit. Wear gloves and then scrap the solid part using a spatula or a similar tool, cover it and dispose of it. Then follow the methods used for the removal of other liquids, like soaking out the liquid and then cleaning using a cleaner.


Blood stains can occur due to a mishap or an accident. So, make sure to attend to the person bleeding first. Once you have got the situation under control, now you can turn your attention to your carpet.

After wearing gloves, blot up the excess blood using a light colour cloth or white rags. After collecting the excess blood, make sure to cover the cloth and dispose of it. Then clean the spot using a carpet cleaning agent, water, and a cloth or sponge. By doing this you will be able to fade the blood stain. You can then call up professional carpet cleaners to remove the stain for you using professional tools and techniques afterwards.

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