Why Fall Is The Best Time For Professional Carpet Cleaning

November 4, 2022

Why Fall Is The Best Time For Professional Carpet Cleaning

Every home and business owner loves to keep their space free of dirt and in pristine condition. After all, who doesn’t like the generous praises and appreciative gestures of guests upon seeing a neat room with a vibrant stainless carpet? No one likes to have to scrub stubborn stains off their carpets every now and then. The latter is especially true when the stains adamantly stand their ground and refuse to leave your precious carpet.

Just mentioning the task of carpet cleaning causes everyone to groan in despair. As professional carpet cleaners, we understand your pain and frustration. That is why we always recommend that you do not attempt DIY carpet cleaning and leave it to the professionals.

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When winter starts to set in in Edmonton, the level of frustration due to carpet and upholstery cleaning is amplified to a whole new level. Nothing compares to the agony of scouring your carpet with a wet cloth when the temperature falls below -9 °C. Even if you hire a carpet cleaner to do the job in the cold weather, the inconvenience and drying challenges will leave you breathless.

For this reason, we suggest that you have your carpet cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning company in the fall instead of winter. Why? Well, because the temperatures are neither too high nor low for the job.

To help you get a detailed overview, this blog post will thoroughly explain why you should request professional carpet cleaning services in Edmonton in the fall rather than in winter.

What Happens To Carpets Year Round?

Many people believe that carpets attract the most dirt and debris in the summer. Thus, they believe just having their carpets cleaned in the summer is sufficient. While it is true that most dirt will find its way into your house in the summer, it does not mean you can neglect your carpet during the rest of the year.

Due to frequent travelling and rainy weather, summer is well-known for muddy shoe prints on carpets in Edmonton. However, most allergy-causing pollen and germs pay you a visit in the spring and settle down in your rugs and upholstery. When the trees and grass begin to shed their leaves in the fall, the accompanying winds carry bits of dried plants and allergens into your house.

Thus, summer carpet cleaning has its perks, but the dirt accumulation thereafter brings you back to square one. For this reason, we always recommend bi-annual carpet cleaning. Nonetheless, late autumn cleaning is the best option.

Here is why:

Faster Drying Time

Now, many of you may argue that it is only cold outside while the temperature inside the house is nice and toasty in the winter. Sadly, you won’t be able to enjoy the nice and toasty feeling of your living or bedroom when the carpet is wet. The lack of ventilation and evaporation will make the situation more uncomfortable, smelly, and even suffocating.

Even if we use dehumidifiers and air movers to dry the carpets, the results will not be as ideal as those achieved through natural ventilation. Sadly, the freezing temperatures outside make natural ventilation a far-fetched fantasy.

However, the temperatures in autumn are just perfect. They might be cold at times, but generally, they are bearable. Thus, opening your windows and doors will accelerate the drying process.


Speaking of the perfect temperature, let us also discuss where you will be while your carpet and rugs are being cleaned. If you undertake carpet cleaning in the summer, the blazing heat will not allow you to move even an inch away from the air conditioner. Thus, sitting outside while the work is being done is clearly not an option.

Contrarily, sitting in the same room or walking around the place while it is being cleaned will just distort the whole process. But in the fall, you can always sit in your front yard and enjoy the breeze while a professional carpet cleaner restores your carpet’s exuberance.

Prevents Fall Allergies From Setting In

As emphasized earlier, spring and fall are the seasons when allergy-causing debris and germs surface the most. These allergens hide in the roots of your carpet’s fibres and cause chronic discomfort throughout the following seasons whenever your family inhales them.

However, requesting commercial or residential carpet cleaning services in mid or even late fall can save you from an uncomfortable winter. This is because thorough cleaning will rid every single fibre strand of the allergy-causing germs, dust, and dried grass particles.

Less Work For The Holiday Season

If you clean your carpet in November, you won’t have to do it in December. Although some people like to leave carpet cleaning for the last moment to prevent it from getting dirty again, we wouldn’t recommend this practice. The holiday season is always the busiest. Thus, there are chances that a carpet cleaner may not be able to save you a slot in their busy schedule.

Besides, the holiday season puts the whole house in an uproar, so you might not even have the time for a task like carpet cleaning. Thus, carpet cleaning in late fall (November) is the ideal decision.

Stress-Free Winter

Lastly, you won’t have to worry about a carpet with dirt patches in the winter when your friends or family from tropical regions decide to pay you a visit. Instead, they will be quite impressed that you have managed to keep your house in pristine condition even in harsh and snowy winter conditions.

In the end, you can peacefully snuggle underneath your blanket with a cup of hot chocolate rather than worrying about the marks on your carpet.

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