The Dos And Don’ts Of Carpet Cleaning

August 18, 2022


A well-kept and exquisite area rug can add a touch of elegance to any space in your house. In fact, area rugs have evolved into a brilliant interior element, usually used to revive a house’s dull appearance by creating a welcoming and appealing look. Whether they are in a residential or business setting, carpets need routine cleaning and maintenance.

Regular care is necessary to maintain your carpet and keep it clean and pristine, or else you run the risk of ruining it. As Edmonton’s top-rated carpet cleaners, we’ve put together a list of fundamental carpet cleaning dos and don’ts in this blog to assist you in avoiding common mistakes that ruin a carpet.

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Do – Vacuum Often

One of the most crucial aspects of regular carpet maintenance is vacuuming. Cleaning your floor with a vacuum helps remove dirt, dust, and food particles. Additionally, it sniffs up the individual carpet strands, which might eventually become crushed by foot traffic or furniture weight. Purchase a premium-quality vacuum with strong suction.

Do – Pre-Spray

Pre-sprays should always be used before any other product. Pre-sprays function by removing some dirt from the carpet, making the subsequent application of chemicals considerably more efficient. Use the appropriate pre-spray for the strength you need and the kind of carpet you have.

Do – Use Specific Chemicals

DON’T use general chemicals to remove carpet stains. For instance, apply a coffee and tea stain remover if there is a coffee or tea stain on your carpet or rug. However, you can use an all-purpose general cleaning solution to get rid of water-based stains if you’re just giving your carpet a regular clean.

The next best option is water, only if you can’t figure out the problem’s cause or if you recently caused a stain and need to clean it up soon. It works best to gently wipe the stain with water rather than scrub it. The stain may get even more embedded in the carpet if the wrong solution is used to treat the issue.

Do – Rotate Your Furniture

Furniture is heavy and can cause indents and worn areas on your carpet. Every few months, move your furniture a few inches and vacuum over the furniture scuffs to refresh. You can move them back to their original place after a few months. Nobody will even notice the little change, but they’ll undoubtedly notice the beautiful carpets.

Don’t Allow Stains To Settle

Nothing is tougher than staring at a terrible rug for years while knowing that, if you had acted quickly, you might have avoided it. However, by using home solutions like club soda, you can keep your carpet clean. First, wipe the stain with club soda, then dry thoroughly with a fresh towel.

Don’t – Put Furniture Back Onto A Wet Carpet

After cleaning the carpet, avoid immediately putting furniture with wooden or metal feet on it. You must first give it time to dry. Instantly placing furniture on a wet carpet can cause the color of the wood to bleed into the carpet, resulting in a stain.

Therefore, allowing time for your carpet to dry will ensure you have the cleanest and stain-free carpet possible. If you can’t wait for the carpet to dry, place folded-up tin foil beneath the legs to protect it.

Don’t – Spill Excess Water

The rug will become moist if we use too much water to clean it. The issue is that if there is a lot of water on the carpet, it can damage the carpet and its colour. Consequently, this is not a feasible approach. Severe moisture may also cause the carpet to shrink. As a result, you should never soak rugs and only use a moderate amount of water to reduce the risk of mildew and mold.

Don’t – Use Toxic Chemicals

Using non-approved and toxic carpet cleaning chemicals adds to the problem and might harm your carpets. Instead, use carpet cleaning products that are gentle, safe, and eco-friendly. If you stick to these measures, you can maintain a clean, attractive, and long-lasting carpet for years to come.

Don’t – Forget The Dilution Rate

When cleaning carpets at home, one of the greatest mistakes people make is using more cleaning solutions than necessary. It’s a common misconception that using an extra solution will make it easier to remove the dirt or stain. That is not the reality. In fact, utilizing more than the recommended dilution rate draws dirt after washing, making your carpet much dirtier much faster. It’s better to use less water when cleaning your carpets.

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