How Often Do Commercial Properties Need A Deep Carpet Cleaning Service?

July 6, 2023


Commercial properties, such as offices, retail stores, and hotels, often have high foot traffic, leading to significant wear and tear on carpets. As a result, hiring professional deep carpet cleaning services from a reliable carpet company is important to maintain a clean and healthy environment.

However, many property owners and managers need clarification about the frequency of deep carpet cleaning services required.

In this blog post, we will explore how often commercial properties need a deep carpet cleaning service and provide expert insights and recommendations to ensure the longevity and cleanliness of commercial carpets.

The Importance Of Deep Carpet Cleaning In Commercial Properties

As a commercial property owner, it’s vital to maintain a clean and professional environment. A deep carpet cleaning service is an integral part of ensuring the cleanliness and hygiene of your premises. Regular carpet cleaning offers numerous benefits for commercial properties. First and foremost, it helps maintain a clean and fresh appearance, leaving a positive impression on clients, employees, and visitors.

Moreover, clean carpets improve indoor air quality by removing dust, allergens, and pollutants that affect respiratory health.

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Factors Affecting The Frequency Of Deep Carpet Cleaning

Several factors determine how often a commercial property requires a deep carpet cleaning service. Understanding these factors can help you establish an appropriate cleaning schedule that meets your property’s unique needs.

Foot Traffic

The volume of foot traffic the carpet receives is a significant factor in determining the cleaning frequency. High-traffic areas may require more frequent deep cleaning to remove dirt, debris, and stains effectively.

Industry Standards

Different industries have varying standards for cleanliness and hygiene. For example, healthcare facilities and restaurants typically require more frequent deep carpet cleaning to maintain a sanitary environment.


Many commercial properties, such as offices, hotels, and healthcare facilities, need to comply with legal health and safety regulations. Regular carpet cleaning helps ensure that your property meets these standards, protecting the well-being of occupants and minimizing potential liability.

Carpet Type

The type of carpet installed in the commercial property affects the cleaning frequency. Certain carpet materials and designs may be more prone to dirt accumulation and staining, necessitating more regular cleaning.

Environmental Factors

Environmental factors such as dust, pollen, and air quality can impact the cleanliness of carpets. Properties located in dusty or polluted areas may need more frequent deep cleaning.

Carpets can trap allergens, bacteria, and other pollutants over time, negatively impacting indoor air quality. Commercial properties, where people spend a significant amount of time, should prioritize regular deep cleaning to remove these contaminants and promote a healthier environment.

Spill Incidents

Accidental spills are common in commercial settings, and prompt cleaning is necessary to prevent stains and odours. Properties with a higher likelihood of spills may require more frequent deep cleaning.

Recommended Frequency Of Deep Cleaning

Based on the factors mentioned above, the following frequency recommendations can serve as a general guideline for commercial properties:

  • High-Traffic Areas: Areas with heavy foot traffic, such as entrances, hallways, and reception areas, should undergo professional deep carpet cleaning every 3-6 months. This frequency ensures the removal of accumulated dirt, allergens, and stains.
  • Medium-Traffic Areas: Spaces with moderate foot traffic, such as offices and conference rooms, should schedule deep carpet cleaning every 6-12 months. Regular cleaning in these areas helps maintain a clean and presentable appearance.
  • Low-Traffic Areas: Areas with minimal foot traffic, such as storage rooms or less frequently used corridors, can undergo deep cleaning every 12-18 months. Although these spaces may not require as frequent cleaning, promptly addressing any visible stains or odours is still important.
  • Specialized Industries: Certain industries have specific regulations or standards for cleanliness. Healthcare facilities, for instance, often require deep carpet cleaning every 2-3 months to maintain strict hygiene standards and prevent the spread of infections.

Why Should You Hire Professional Deep Carpet Cleaning Services?

While some property owners may attempt do-it-yourself carpet cleaning, professional services offer distinct advantages. Professional cleaners have the expertise, equipment, and cleaning solutions necessary to deliver superior results and extend the lifespan of your carpets. They can also recommend the most suitable cleaning methods based on your property’s unique requirements.

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