Common Upholstery Cleaning Questions Answered

September 15, 2022


When was the last time you had your upholstery cleaned by a professional? Your upholstered furniture is an integral part of your family’s life at home. You might have questioned if paying a professional upholstery cleaner to clean your upholstery is worthwhile. Perhaps you’ve tried cleaning your upholstery on your own using a do-it-yourself approach but weren’t entirely happy with the results.

Your couch absorbs stains and filth in the same way your clothes do, from contact with spilled beverages and food particles to pet dander and dust. However, unlike washing clothes regularly, upholstery cleaning might not be something you consider frequently.

Below are a few of the questions we frequently get, along with in-depth explanations from our experts. The information provided here will assist you in taking the appropriate actions to maintain the hygiene, safety, and best-looking condition of your upholstered furniture.

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Why Is It Important To Clean Your Upholstery?

Your family may use your upholstered furniture for more than just a comfy place to sit. This upholstered furniture also catches dust and other air pollutants that could stay in your living area and perhaps cause allergic responses.

The fabric might accumulate so much dust that it is unable to efficiently capture these dust contaminants if it is not cleaned often. As a result, your home’s interior air quality may decrease.

How Frequently Should I Clean My Upholstery?

Numerous factors will determine how frequently upholstered furniture needs to be cleaned. The manufacturer’s suggestions should always come first. According to manufacturers, upholstered furniture should typically be properly cleaned every 24 to 48 months.

However, you might want to increase how frequently you clean your pieces if you have children or pets in your house. Additionally, if any members of your home suffer from allergies or asthma, regular upholstery cleaning might lessen some of their symptoms.

Can Professional Cleaning Remove Stains From My Upholstery?

Yes! skilled upholstery cleaners can remove even the most stubborn stains, including those caused by pet accidents. They employ cutting-edge techniques to carefully eliminate the underlying causes of stains.

Plus, expert cleaners can help prevent your furniture from future spills and mishaps by increasing the stain resistance of upholstered textiles and providing a protective layer for their fragile fibers.

Is Upholstery Cleaning Similar To Carpet Cleaning?

Upholstery requires special handling while cleaning since it is much more delicate than carpets. Additionally, it could be destroyed if too much water is used while cleaning. To leave your furniture clean without using too much water or abrasive washing, we remove these impurities and then the liquid solution.

Are Upholstery Cleaners Worth It?

Make sure you get the most value for your money when you have a tight budget. While having your furniture professionally cleaned may seem like a luxury, it’s a long-term investment.

Professional cleaning services remove dirt and dust that has been compacted and is lurking in the upholsteries fabric, extending the lifespan of your furniture. Furthermore, it can assist in removing tough stains that could otherwise prompt you to consider replacing your furniture, which would be far more expensive than cleaning it.

What Is The Most Effective Way Of Cleaning Upholstery?

When done correctly, upholstery cleaning requires little water and no detergents. That is what makes upholstery such an excellent choice. The procedure meticulously removes dirt, filth, and stain-causing substances stuck to your couch’s upholstery fibers by employing the natural force of carbonation.

You won’t need to worry about damp furniture serving as a haven for mold and mildew since upholstery will be dried quickly after being cleaned using a hot carbonating extraction.

How Long Will The Drying Process Take?

The methodology used for upholstery cleaning doesn’t use a lot of water, so your furniture will dry much more quickly than it would with standard cleaning methods. However, drying might also have to happen overnight for some fibers or very dirty objects.

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