Common Carpet Cleaning Problems And Their Solutions

October 13, 2022


In a chilly country like Canada, where low temperatures in the winter months threaten to freeze and crack every bone in a human body, households or commercial sites are rarely seen without carpets. When you are all well wrapped up in cozy clothes and have your heating system on, but the tiled floor unforgivingly refuses to retain the heat in the room, your only source of salvation, solace, and insulation is a carpet.

However, improper care and poor carpet cleaning techniques can turn this source of solace beneath your feet into a source of despair.

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Imagine the awkward moment when an important guest walks into your house or office and falls silent after staring at the smudge on a corner of the carpet. In worst cases, imagine the guest happily roaming the roam only to fall face-first due to tripping on a rippled carpet. Do you think ‘sorry’ or ‘are you okay?’ will clear out the air and subdue the embarrassment? Clearly not.

As Edmonton’s most reputed carpet cleaners, we are aware of and understand all your carpet-related agonies. So if you have any of the aforementioned problems, do not worry. Through our encounters with various clients and their carpet cleaning problems in and around Alberta, we have narrowed down our vast list into the ones that are the most prevalent in almost every household and office.

Thus, this blog post will discuss some common carpet cleaning problems and also provide top-notch solutions to these problems.

Stubborn Mud And Oil Smudges

Dirt, oil, and other smudges are a common occurrence in every household. From mistakenly dropping a bowl of cheesy and buttery pasta to children and pets invading the area with muddy feet and paws, the list of excuses for such occurrences is quite vast.

Honestly speaking, tightening household rules to the extent that they become frustrating for the family is never a good idea. Although it is good to enforce and encourage good manners, you should never go overboard with them. You must understand that accidents are inevitable, and so are such smudges.

Nonetheless, ignoring these smudges or randomly cleaning them with a soaked cloth will never get you anywhere. The best solution for this carpet problem is to request professional carpet stain removal services once every month to restore your carpet’s pristineness.

Post-Cleaning Marks

Almost everyone has felt the frustration of post-cleaning marks and the carpet’s wicking effect. That grey mark right in the center of your drawing room will always be a heartache. It will be a sore to the eye and continuously remind you of what and who caused it.

This problem occurs due to a lack of knowledge about the carpet, the cleaning techniques, and the cleaning products. Just because a carpet cleaning product worked well for one rug, does not mean that it will work well for all carpet types.

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Thus, you must never undertake a carpet cleaning task unless you have the prerequisite knowledge. Preferably, request professional carpet cleaning services from a reputed company.

Early Wear And Tear

Until now, you must have noticed that poor maintenance and cleaning form the core of every carpet difficulty. The same applies to early wear, although age-related wear can arguably take the guilt too. If an individual does not care for their carpet and continuously exposes it to heavy foot traffic, dirt, and load dragging, it will deteriorate faster than expected.

In this regard, the ideal solution is to practice proper carpet maintenance and avoid overburdening it. If you feel the need to rearrange your furniture, do not drag it along the carpet. Ask someone to help you haul it to the desired area.

Matted And Crushes Fibers

Speaking of dragging furniture, carpet matting is another common occurrence in Canada. Homeowners just don’t seem to understand why their once lively rug with proudly protruding fibers has sunken and looks glued to the Earth.

Well, the culprit is no one but the person who dragged furniture around the room. Similarly, heavy foot traffic also results in this occurrence.

To revive your once plush carpet and its extravagant thickness, practice proper carpet maintenance and get advice from a carpet cleaning expert on possible remedial action.

Deeply Stuck Pet And Human Hair

Lastly, allergy-causing pet hair is another source of discomfort in every household. But what makes the situation worse is when these culprits hide in the fiber roots of your rug. Not only does hair invite germs and disease-causing microbes, but it also appeases your carpet’s charm.

While vacuuming is an excellent solution to this difficulty, you might require professional help at times for optimal results.

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