Common Carpet Cleaning Myths Busted

March 16, 2023


As there are myths associated with certain kinds of activities, there are several myths concerning carpet cleaning. For you to hire a reputable carpet cleaning business to clean your carpets, this blog will dispel all of those fallacies.

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Listed below are some of the most common carpet-cleaning myths.

My Carpets Don’t Require Cleaning Because They Aren’t That Old

Most of the time, when individuals label their carpet as “new,” it is already a few years old. A carpet is made to conceal dirt, so even though it may appear “clean,” it’s often not. In actuality, most of the harm has already been done by the time the dust is apparent.

You should have your carpet cleaned every three to six months. No more than 18 months should pass between cleanings by an expert.

Vacuuming Frequently Can Clean A Carpet

Although vacuuming can help remove debris or dirt from the carpet’s surface, a carpet cleaning service can help restore your carpet to its original state as if you had just bought it from the store. The carpet is returned to its natural colour after being thoroughly cleaned of any internal impurities by skilled carpet cleaners.

Specialized Equipment Can Harm Your Carpets

It’s a prevalent misconception that the specialized equipment that carpet cleaning companies use will damage your carpets fibers.

Do a patch test on a concealed corner of your carpet if you have any concerns regarding the quality of the carpet cleaning services that your cleaners are providing. Our carpet cleaning methods don’t use bleach to prevent the possibility of color damage to your carpets.

High-Pressure Cleaning Should Be Performed After A Long Period

Many think using a carpet cleaning service shouldn’t be done often. Most individuals think using a carpet cleaning service once every two years is sufficient.

In particular, if you live in a particularly dusty region, there is no harm in having your cleaning done by a carpet cleaning service every three to six months.

Instead of degrading the condition of your carpet, it will be improved. By choosing to have your carpets cleaned only occasionally, the stains in your carpets will get harder to remove. The quality of your carpets will be impacted by the filth that has adhered to their surface.

Stains Cannot Be Removed By Carpet Cleaning

Another common misconception holds that while carpet cleaning services can remove dirt from your carpets, they cannot erase stains.

To clean your carpets and get rid of stains, carpet cleaning professionals use specialized materials. These cleaners can get rid of stubborn stains on carpets. Before removing the marks, they ensure the carpet’s surface is perfectly smooth.

Your Carpet Will Shrink After Being Cleaned

No equipment or liquid cleanser has been discovered that may cause a carpet to shrink. The carpet’s surface is extremely stiff and durable.

Your carpets cannot easily be folded because it is not constructed of a flexible material. Since elastic things can shrink, there is no possibility of shrinking.

The Carpet Remains Damp After Cleaning

It is a widespread myth that carpet washing will leave moisture behind, necessitating the apparent impossibility of exposing the carpet to sunlight immediately following cleaning. After cleaning we extract the moisture from your carpets.

Every Carpet Cleaning Service Is The Same

Different carpet cleaning companies use different cleaning procedures. Some companies may also use various tools and materials.

Depending on the carpet’s fabric, different cleaning procedures apply. Which service to perform for which carpet will be best well-known to skilled carpet-cleaning companies.

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