Keep Your Carpet Clean After a Trip to The Beach

The hot and dry summer season is the best time of the year to hit the beach and have some fun with your family, enjoying the cool breeze from the ocean. You children would also show interest in playing with sand. The sea on the other end is quite generous; it makes it hard for you to avoid carrying salt and sand back home. This is perhaps the most irritating part of going to the beach.

This means, you have a task of Keeping your carpet clean after a trip to the beach because the stay attached to your body, clothes and shoes. You might manage to get rid of the sand particles from your body or clothes but most of it remains on your shoe. If they remain hidden, sand beach particles can easily cut through the fabrics hence contributing to carpet wear.

Preventive Measures

The preventive measures are to help you avoid stepping on your carpet immediately you arrive from the beach. You can choose to place your carpet away from the entrance, hence creating a path of access to avoid soiling the carpet. However, if you have a wall to wall carpet you will need a vacuum cleaning session, especially in high traffic areas. Wiping your shoes should help you reduce a certain quantity of sand particles carried under your shoe.

The dip in the ocean or the beach beachside shower might help remove sand on your body and swimsuit but it is not enough. Consider taking a final rinse at home and drying off before getting inside. You can use your hose pipe, but if you have a shower bath the better. Taking a bath and changing your clothes prevents the spread of tiny sand particles held by the hairs on your skin. If they spread on your furniture, chance are they will end up on your carpet. Keep all your beach gears- shoes, towels, bags, buckets, toys and swimsuits- outside in one place.

The most efficient method used to keep carpets clean after a trip to the beach is providing indoor sandals, flip-flops or any other open-toe shoes. For it to be effective, these open-toe shoes must only be worn inside the corridors of your house. Before wearing your indoor shoes, make sure you wipe your feet with a dry cloth. You can place a welcome mat or small rugs to aid in further trap the sand particles off your feet.

If you live near a beach, chances are you might not be entirely dry by the time you reach home. Switching from outdoor to indoor shoes helps prevent the formation of mud on your carpet when water dripping from your body makes contact with dust. If possible, make sure that your clothes are dry when you access your house.

Carpet Cleaning

As soon as you spot the white sand beach gains on your furniture, this is an indication that you need to sweep or suck the sand off your carpet. Using a high-quality vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter will help you get rid of fine sand beach particles hidden inside the fabric of your carpet. If you have a large family then you need deep cleaning which might requires a professional’s touch to restore your dirt and dust less levels.

In summary, the following are the tips that you can use maintain your carpet level of cleanliness:

  •  Wiping shoes and feet.
  • Leaving your shoes at the porch.
  • Wearing indoor shoes.
  • Using the kitchen or backyard door.
  • Taking a bath immediately you arrive.
  • Changing your clothes.
  • Leaving your luggage in the garage.
  • vacuum cleaning.

To avoid cleaning your carpet, you can roll it up and store it and then use it when you are sure that there are no signs of sand particles in your home. Professionals do use certain chemicals or cleaning agents to remove excess salt and sand particles from the carpet. If you need to extend the life of your carpet get assistance from an expert during the summer season when their level of dust and dirt is high. Professional services are worth money spent.