Is professional carpet cleaning worth it?

Let’s face it, life is hard and many us a looking for ways to save money by cutting back on spending that we deem unnecessary. Professional carpet cleaning happens to be one of those things that many households and businesses do not consider a necessity.

We can understand where they are coming from. Why spend money getting your carpet deep cleaned while you vacuum it every day? The fact is that no matter how well you vacuum your carpet it still needs some intensive cleaning every twelve to eighteen months. This will take care of all the dirt and dust that your vacuum cleaner couldn’t reach and improve the indoor air quality of your rooms.

But why should I pay someone to steam my carpets while I could do it myself? Because if your carpet came with a warranty then one of the clauses that you are very likely to find in the fine print is that it should be periodically cleaned by professionals.

If you deep clean your carpets yourself then your warranty is likely to be dishonoured. What’s worse, if your carpet is damaged by some DIY technique then there is really no point in contacting its manufacturer.