Cleaning Carpet with Pets At Home

One of man’s greatest achievements is the domestication of animals especially those that live with us in our homes. Our pets don’t judge as, they don’t talk back at us; they simply love us unconditionally and we reciprocate their love in every possible way.

But like any other great love story our relationship with our pets gets messy (quite literally) at times. Their bathroom etiquette is often called into question when they decide to mark their territories by dousing our carpets with urine. The site is stomach-churning and the smell pure torture.

You are left with no choice but to clean up the mess and save yourself further agony. This is where things get tricky: what products should you use, are they safe for your pets and the rest of the family, will they damage your carpet?

The fact is that unless you are a professional carpet cleaner there is a good chance that some carpet cleaning products will do you more harm than good. All the same, there are a few things you can do to rescue your carpet:

Find Out What Works

Listen to what others are saying about various cleaning agents and settle for what has been tried and tested in ordinary homes and has come out on top. You can also go online and find out what cleaning techniques work best.

For instance, experts advice that you should clean a urine stain with a urine-specific bio-enzymatic cleaner before you treat it with an ordinary carpet cleaner. If you reverse the order you may create a very stubborn stain.

Be Prepared

Now that you know what works and what doesn’t it’s time to bring your arsenal into the battlefield. If your pet has made a habit of creating a mess in certain parts of your home then you should have all your cleaning equipment as close as possible to this area. Remember that fresh stains are easier to deal with than old ones irrespective of the type of magic that your cleaning agents and techniques can perform.

Dirt Proof Your Home

Aside from their excrement pets also bring in dirt from outside usually on their paws and fur. Even the most well behaved cat or dog can ruin your carpet on a rainy afternoon. The most effective way to steer clear of footprints on your carpet is to clean your pet’s paws as it enters the house. 

Alternatively, you can tile the floors around your doorways and other pet entry ways such that if your pet comes home with dirty paws much of the muck is left on the tiles instead of on your nice carpet. After all, tiles are some of the easiest floor coverings to clean.

Let the Professionals Handle it

If you are uncertain of what to do about the stain on your carpet then you should call a professional carpet cleaning company like ourselves. We understand that your carpet is an expensive investment that is an extension of yourself and we know how to treat it with the care that it deserves.

Our team of highly skilled professionals have been in this business for many years and we have seen virtually every type of pet stain. We have the expertise and equipment to handle anything that your pet sends our way.

The cleaning agents that we use have been subjected to rigorous testing processes and have been proven to be safe for you, your family and your pets. They are also friendly to the environment while being able to handle the most unyielding stains.

And even if you have become an expert in the art of cleaning up your pets’ messes remember that your carpet requires deep cleaning every so often in order to remove any debris that has refused to respond to your vacuum cleaner. We are up to this task, so call us today and let’s make your carpet as good as new.