Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Stay in clean & healthy environment

Image is everything when you are running a business and unkempt carpets certainly do nothing for you. Maple Leaf Carpet Cleaning Company understands this concept and we are here to ensure that the people you interact with on a day-to-day basis are impressed by the state of your floors.

Our commercial carpet cleaning package covers

our main cleaning techniques

both of techniques are generally accepted as some of the most effective procedures in the market today. When these techniques are carried out by cleaning experts that have had years of experience in the art of stain and dirt removal you can expect nothing but pristine carpets.

Moreover, we make use of sophisticated cleaning equipment from market leaders whose products not only clean impressively but are also friendly to the environment. Our commitment to staying eco-friendly can also be seen in our choice of cleaning agents. We only use detergents and soaps that are certified as safe by all the relevant authorities and can therefore be used in sensitive areas like restaurants, schools and hospitals.

Why choose us

It is also worth mentioning that our cleaning packages are not confined to the deep cleaning of carpets. Our cleaning experts are available to clean upholstery, rugs and mattresses. We offer very competitive rates when you hire us to carry out several cleaning jobs within the same contract.

For instance, if you are in the hotel industry you can have us clean your carpets and mattresses. While if you own or manage apartments or condos we can carry out intensive end of tenancy cleaning. In both instances our team is ready to offer you lucrative and special deals that will leave lots of change in your pocket.

The cleaning process start with

We ensure excellent appearance as well as a clean and healthy environment