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When your carpet or upholstery becomes stained it is often because the stain has worked its way into your carpets fibres. Scrubbing and rubbing may only make the stain worse by grinding more of the substance deeper into the fibres.

Spot and stain removal is a very complex process. It requires understanding the right solvents and chemicals to remove the substance causing the stain —but the solvent must also be safe for the stained item. Maple Leaf Carpet Cleaning is a trusted provider in Edmonton, Alberta for spot treatment and stain removal services.

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Don't Try Stain Removal, If You Don't Have Experience

When you notice a stain on the carpet or furniture of your home, your first impulse is to try a spot treatment to try to clean it yourself. This is almost always a mistake, even though it is easier to remove a fresh stain than one that has had time to set.

Most people don’t have the knowledge of stain removal techniques to do a good job with stain removal. Often they rub the stain deeper into the fibres of the rug or carpet, or they spread the stain beyond the original spot. In the best case scenario, instead of a small stain, they now have a large, deeply embedded stain to deal with. In the worst case, they have damaged the carpet or fabric or caused the colour to change.

Why We Are Special

Cleaners available at retail stores can’t do spot and stain removal safely. They may not have the right solvents for the substance, or they may damage your carpet or furniture. Spot treatment may remove the colour from your carpet or furniture, for example, leaving you with an ugly reminder of a stain that could have been easily removed by a trained professional. Call the professionals at Maple Leaf Carpet Cleaning and have your carpet steam cleaned professionally to get rid of those pesky stains.

The Cleaning Process


Frequently Ask Questions

Professional carpet stain removal is crucial for businesses in Edmonton to maintain clean and presentable carpets.

Our focus on quality ensures thorough and effective stain removal, leaving carpets looking pristine and well-maintained.

We offer flexible scheduling to promptly address stain removal needs, minimizing disruptions to business operations.

Yes, our carpet stain removal service is equipped to handle a wide range of stains, including but not limited to food spills, pet stains, and beverage stains.

Our stain removal process is carefully designed to be safe for carpets, using industry-approved products and methods that effectively treat stains without compromising carpet quality.

About Us

Maple Leaf Carpet Cleaning has provided professional carpet cleaning in Edmonton and the surrounding area for nearly a decade and is one of Alberta's most respected cleaners for residential and commercial carpets, upholstery and area rugs. We provide 5 star carpet treatments.

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