About Maple Leaf Steam Carpet Cleaning in Edmonton

People start businesses for a lot of reasons; some do it for the money and others for the fame but for Maple Leaf Carpet Cleaning Company it’s not about any of these. The reason we do what we do is to see the joy on our clients faces when the stain that had become a part of their favourite couch finally takes its last bow. Or when that old rag they thought was dark mustard turns out to be a beautiful shade of soft satin.

We are in the business of turning old into new, ruined into restored and liked into loved. And the countless clients that we have served in the decade that we have been in operation can attest to that fact.

Achieving this level of professionalism has not always been easy but we have discovered the winning combination: the right workmen using the right tools. Consequently, we have made it our policy to only hire the very best that the market has to offer. Our cleaning experts do not just call themselves pros they have the papers and the skills to prove it.

What comes next is to arm our pros with the latest equipment from leading manufacturers who have a track record of excellence.  Besides this, our team is encouraged to research on the latest trends in our industry. The company also spends a chunk of its own money training its staff and ensuring that they are up to speed with all things cleaning.

This not only means that our experts can give 100% into their work but it also gives them the ability to work fast. There is therefore no reason for you to suffer scrubbing your upholstery before your party guests arrive. Just call us and we will take care of it all even before the party begins.


Because we believe that a business’ reputation precedes it and we make a very deliberate effort to make sure that our clients have nothing but good things to say about us. With this in mind, when our cleaning experts arrive at your home, office or business they are there to impress.

They are ready and willing to make every stain or layer of dirt magically disappear without causing you any unwarranted inconveniences. This is the reason why we only use eco-friendly cleaning agents that will not harm your little ones and pets or aggravate allergies in those who are somewhat sensitive.